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seen on Buckie slip about ten years ago
she belonged to Keith Schellenberg (the man that owned Eigg)
does anybody know where she is now or anything about her past life

    pretty sure this is the same hirta I'm thinking of, and is quite a well known boat, Built in Fowey 1911, ex bristol channel pilot cutter and been all over the place.  Tom and Ros Cunliffe had her and sailed her to america at one point, via greenland and then on to the caribbean and wrote a book about it.  She sat in gloucester docks, mouldering away and has just had stupid money spent on restoring her.  saw her up for sale last year at 350,000  :smitten:

    was also know as Troubadour, & Cornubia
    thanks markh I thought she might have been scottish(zulu stern?)
    when this picture was taken they had done the hull but a lot was needing done to decks and topsides
    but I think Schellenberg was having trouble with the natives on Eigg! and cash flow problems
    Is that her at this link?:



    Steve E.
    you thats her

    fixed the link:http://www.sandemanyachtcompany.co.uk/details/?id=220

    more at:


    I've  copy of tom cunliffes book somewhere

    young ronnie
    Feb 07 2009 01:18 PM
    You're off target with this one guys,she aint a Bristol channel pilot cutter with a stern like that on her.She's on Trawlerphotos and is lying at Macduff Shipyards derelict.Built as the Sunrise for Scalloway according to the posts there.
    Thanks ronnie I was hoping for a happy ending that someone had got her and restored her but from what I see on other site it's no going to happen
    thanks for help boys

    Captain v.E.
    Feb 08 2009 09:45 PM
    agree with Ronnie on this one. Used to be in Shetland Isles, as fishing vessel LK634, then as a kinda small ferry, I think. About 2003ish lay alongside the slip of the wooden boatbuilding shed at Macduff. A couple of years later, she was lying to the rear of same shed. Think was built Banff, 1920ish. One of the Stephens yard poss?

    Captain v.E.
    Feb 09 2009 12:41 PM
    pics of Hirta on Shetland Museum site, both as fishing and as relief ferry from Scalloway to Hamnavoe. Before Hirta, was named Morning Star LK371.

    I am sure I saw her at McDuff the other year, 2007, looking in a sorry state at the side of the road next to the shed.  Didn't stop to look at her though.

    Hirta was built at Banff as the Surprise, for owners in Scalloway ,after her fishing days she became a ferry going between Scalloway and Hamnavoe, Burra isle, before the bridges came, and summer trips to Foula she was owned by Hance Smith who operated the ferry service for many years