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Albion CN45 going up on campbeltown slip 1969

Albion CN45 going up on campbeltown slip 1969

left to right, archie "cubbie" galbraith (had one of first boats built at yard aquarius) my father, Murray Shaw, uncle Douglas Shaw, Tiger Hamilton, thats me on extreme right forrat of trolley saluting the camera, Albion CN 45 testing out the newly opened shipyard slipping arrangements.

    Kevin Munro
    Feb 06 2009 01:17 AM
    Aye aye QW...did you get a copy of the Campbeltown Shipyard book?

    quiet waters
    Feb 06 2009 01:54 AM
    no, haven't seen it yet, butthen i haven't seen much this year, first trip outdoors today, couldn't wait to get back home to get the feet up, a good sneeze would knock me over, be a while yet before i manage a stroll down the quay, pity i hadn't known about the book when it was being compiled, i could have given the author one of my pics, can't remember if someone said the albion gets mentioned or if i just imagined it? too busy trying to remember what happened between 5pm on xmas day and the early hours of the 7th of january, been told i'm better not remembering so i'm not pushing anyone to fill in the gaps, they just start blubbing, so i'll just drop a hint and a copy will appear, if the only decent bookshop has a copy? got to make the most of the emotional blackmail while i can, think i had a prowl thru a good percentage of the boats built there at some stage of their build, always amazed me how they could turn out such high qualitiy crafts when i never saw anyone working anytime i was over, unless they were angling to get the job of sticking a bottom on us if we were up on the slip, the lucky few knew that my old man would give them a wee "something" for themselves and were guaranteed a drink from him if they happened to be in his favourite bar. they quickly learned not to look for anything from me, the yard was already charging us for the job, i wasn't putting my hand in my pocket as well, plus a bar is one place they'd never catch me!!!! tho since i've stopped smoking i'm thinking of taking up drinking to compensate for it.

    Kevin Munro
    Feb 06 2009 02:21 AM
    Aye the Albion gets a mention. Says, first boat to use the new yard for an overhaul in April 1969, same month as the yard recieved it first order for a new boat.
    best picture iv'e seen of you yet qw.can hardly see you :smitten:

    DCI paterson
    Feb 06 2009 07:13 PM
    and thats still to much

    quiet waters
    Feb 07 2009 07:05 AM
    don't want to appear condecending or patronising but surely you mean "too much"? pity you can't see me better, since i was still in primary two it will be one of the few pics of me before i started wearing glasses the following year, except for a few i have taken a couple of months later of me and two of my brothers and the skipper of the gleaner learning to swim in the pool at butlins in ayr, i was looking at pics of that holiday and found it amusing that my father and cecil and the late iain johnson (skippered the tern) would have been ten years younger than i am now but look like old men, fashion of the time for men of that age, tho i wear a hat i don't own a pair of slacks or a cardigan or a pipe, ok so i have a pipe but its never been used for pipe tobacco!!!!!