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At the gun

At the gun

Standing at the harpoon in the pouring rain to please a fussy photographer.
Lovely Gun!

    johntar tt10
    Feb 05 2009 01:40 PM
    Got that bloody jersey on again, musta gotta lotta use out of that yin, by the way where did you get it?

    DCI paterson
    Feb 05 2009 01:55 PM
    dinna think that  the actor brian blessed was at the fishing
    Easy Chief! Ah had hunners o' them. They never lasted long, torn tae bits wi harpoon wires, burnt on the exhaust! Dae ye see the dark aura surrounding me on the pic?     THAT'S THE DARK SIDE! Feel the force!!! :smitten:

    DCI paterson
    Feb 05 2009 02:08 PM
    ;) just a ringer.was this you about to give it the alas poor yorik speach. :smitten:

    johntar tt10
    Feb 05 2009 02:26 PM
    Naw DCI think it is "fight them on the beaches" speech

    DCI paterson
    Feb 05 2009 02:31 PM
    hoot dae ye call fincutter armed with a harpoon gun?:smitten:?-sir.

    johntar tt10
    Feb 05 2009 02:35 PM
    One thing ye don't do is give him any lip DCI :smitten:

    DCI paterson
    Feb 05 2009 02:40 PM
    who me....give someone lip......never....not my nature.. :smitten:

    quiet waters
    Feb 05 2009 03:58 PM
    fat lip maybe?

    i'd like to see the next pic, judging by the look on the fissog i'd say the gun swung slowly in the photographers direction after that one was taken, last of the hunters? last of the haunters more like, disna look like there were many quips and cheery grins that day.
    crackin pic howard. wonder what the treehuggers would make o that yin!! :smitten: