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Franleon AR61

Franleon AR61

Who can name this bunch of posers?

    your leaning in the stem unkl, is that m'jacket to your left sitting on the shoulder??
    Spot on ma boay.

    homeward bound
    Feb 05 2009 01:41 PM
    see auld pyeootie there  and oor terry , michael and nev [td][/td] is the other two the spinners ? :smitten:
    ;) ;) :smitten: ;)
    Gie the man a prize!
    Aye spinners! Jookers mair like!
    howard is that a young neville in the picture the last man on the starboard side, next time your speaking to him tell him danny from carradale was asking for him,last time i would have talked to him early 80s give him my regards.        
    danny ex-silver fern

    Mar 19 2009 08:44 PM
    imagine meeting that lot going aboard on a sunday night !! enough to put you off going out at night !!
    Aye, Has beens and wannabees!    ;D :woodenspoon: :coconut:
    Phoned adout her last week was for sale on Find a fishing boat for 5k.  She has been sold and was being delivered back to west coast of Scotland according to her owner, so we should see her about.  Dont know who has bought her or what is going to happen to her.

    Wrong boat Alan, this was Franleon, the other is Franleon 11 .