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Legends at play

Legends at play

A few legends here

    johntar tt10
    Jan 29 2009 09:09 AM
    To L, Wee Rab? with Robert Ross, to R, Big Donald Gibson looking at the clown with the tray on his heid  ;D

    quiet waters
    Jan 29 2009 03:40 PM
    anybody got pics of the CFA 50th do in glasgow?1984-85? what was the hotel called at the time? holiday inn i think, it was only new in argyle st at the time, the wife remembers it well as she claims it was the last time i took her away for the weekend, don't know what she is complaining about she's been up in the city every weekend this year so far!!!!!!

    DCI paterson
    Jan 29 2009 03:43 PM
    no but i have pictures of the mock weddin.you know what i am on about mo?
    looks like wee rab (noddy)wilson on the left.