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Young Homeward bound

Young Homeward bound

Picture of a young homeward bound onboard my dad and uncles boat Huntress BA93
Photo courtesy of Ian McCrindle

    homeward bound
    Jan 28 2009 06:25 PM
    even i struggled to recognise myself !!!!!, mind you no a bad looking fella ;D

    Young Knoxy
    Jan 28 2009 06:57 PM
    was this taken on the way into kilmarnock harbour homeward bound

    homeward bound
    Nov 30 2011 09:33 AM
    eh , thats a smock i"m wearing gw ! 8:) ;)
    shame on you gw looks rather a sweet wee boy there wit his wee chubby cheeks and dumpy nose but that photo must huv been took before mr edgar got his hands on him and turned him intae the big roughy toughy he is today 8:)the more i look at him the more i wander err are you sure your no his faither gw 8:)
    ye could hae a point there [old boy] unlike the natural way o things i was told the clif dwellers were born auld and progressed into juvinile dilinquincy 8:)
    a dont know if there is any truth in it but i heard homeward was born with a wee trigger in his back so that when he sat on a certain gentlemans knee the trigger would be pulled and he was programed to say hugh great hugh art 8:) ;)
    always wondered what happened to wee burney after RAB C NESBIT