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The latest in the "i went to campbeltown and all i got was my picture taken with QW" a lot of years since me and Mr. Roper last met, we're both a lot older and not one bit wiser as can be seen by the company we are keeping, their reputations are now in tatters in the CN market after being seen associating with "whoots he dai'n doon here?"

    Adoration II
    Oct 16 2008 10:43 PM
    haha go on jammy u can do it do it 4 the boys ;)
    classic picture boys just as well i was at the other end o the clyde and no involved in the rouges gallery hahahahhahhahahahahahahahahaha

    hell will be in glasgow next year me thinks the way things are looking the now ;) ;) ;) :D

    will princess fiona be in our comapny as usual??

    Barry McCrindle
    Oct 16 2008 10:50 PM
    Come on Jammy get it posted you are the only one with an account left on TP

    quiet waters
    Oct 16 2008 11:03 PM
    i have instructed our florida member to post it, what are wee brothers for if naw to do what they are told, he's getting into the habit of having a go at me on here so he better get this up, how do you like the Tshirt? naw the best picture of me but honest i don't have all those chins, just trying to make sure the Tshirt got shown off, it took me half an hour a "what are you doing to that Tshirt?" and two "what age are you?" plus while i was sticking it onto the laptop my son asking me "is that your girlfriends?" no muffins for him!!!! after me buying him a whole bottle of sauce to himself the day too!!!!

    Barry McCrindle
    Oct 16 2008 11:06 PM
    I'll have 10 of them, on the back it should have the living next door to alice bit with the add on of chubby brown, trawlerphotos! who the feck are trawlerphotos
    it was good to catch up with morris ,think this picture could end up as a dart board is somebodys pottin shed,,he,s gonna need some amount o darts to get every name in the picture. ;)

    Adoration II
    Oct 17 2008 06:26 AM
    come on jammy show the boys ur not always a good boy

    Adoration II
    Oct 17 2008 06:55 AM
    how many blue peter badges do u have jammy fingers picture deleter  ;)

    quiet waters
    Oct 17 2008 08:19 AM
    aye, ye seein that? he'll post a comment tae draw attention to it but widna post the pic himsel, my next Tshirt will have "What would Ricki Do?" printed on it, you'll be able to buy WWRD bracelets soon on eebhoy, and Mr. Roper if you shot up the way you can cant and start towing for home now, its dull enough yet!!! ricki's conversation i mean, naw the daylight.
    Nice one, just seen this (promotional) photo on the other site, bet it'll be deleted by the end of today.  jonah, QW & Marigold also re-loaded, again, not for long?  ;) ;)