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Dodi an Jammy

Dodi an Jammy

dodi an jammy expanding there buisness

    aw here kev if you keep posting pics o all these companies father and i will have to go into hiding fae hm tax
    ;D ;) ;) ;) ;D ;D ;D

    Adoration II
    Jan 24 2009 04:19 PM
    u said u were happy way ur tax bill tat u made more money as u thought did u not
    is anybody ever happy with getting a tax bill???
    Three sure things in life

    1. You are born.
    2. You pay tax
    3. You die


    Steve E.

    Adoration II
    Jan 24 2009 04:34 PM
    u were 1 tat said it jammy
    born free taxed to death ;D ;)

    Adoration II
    Jan 24 2009 08:06 PM
    boring the day boys lets c if wee can find a pic o jammy warin the kilt lol
    Aye, tell the truth, your bored because you are missing my snaps of the Merchant Fleet  ;D


    Steve E.
    Here's a canny joke for you:

    What do Penguins and the Taxman have in common?

    They can both stick their bills up their ar*e  ;D

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