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Crazy !!!

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  • Uploaded: Oct 16 2008 07:36 AM
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Crazy !!!

A good haul of bonnie codlings getting dumped as there's no any in the sea !!!

    johntar tt10
    Oct 16 2008 07:52 AM
    Ally, I do not think there is a word anyone can use iin the English language to describe what fishermen are being forced to do to comply with these crazy rules.
    Its like playing Monopoly, with no landings of Cod, Monk, Megrim or Whiting allowed here, so land it and go straight to jail.
    Yea i know John its senseless slaughter, they must put the quota up next year otherwise its going to be another year of the same.
    yep its the most senseless thing i have had to do in fishing in the 25 years i have been , and still you have them stupid chefs saying theres no cod in the sea eat pollock we dont even catch pollock so i wish they would just stick to what they know best and keep there mouths shut . and our own fish shops are buying from norway ,what sort of country is this all we ant to do is go to work.