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Northumbria seen here inbound to the Port of Tyne (North East England) on 15th September 2008. Photographed from Clifford's Fort, North Shields.

This is the launch of the Northumbria Marine Police Division and these days is rarely seen on the river.

    Friend of mine was Sgt. on this one, came up to Berwick lifeboat day one year and you could hear her miles away

    Hi Cliff

    She used to be a regular on the Tyne but is rarely seen nowadays - perhaps it is too costly for fuel to run her?

    I'm sure I'm correct in saying that the Tyne Pilots had a similar boat at one time and I seem to recall that made a racket when powering up.


    Steve E.
    that one the pilots had steve made that much noise the had 2 do something with the exhausts coz it was waking the people up that live by the river and there was a lot ov complains