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sapphire stone

sapphire stone

    does anyone know the history of this one . who she was built for , and any other owners , and ports she fished out of prior to 1999

    Kevin Munro
    Jan 23 2009 11:27 PM
    She worked a lot out of lochinver in the 90's, she was buckie owned at that time. before that im not sure but ill see if i can find out for you.
    Was a regular into Scrabster in the 90's skipper was good bloke, James?
    built as the kathlene for stornoway. sistership to the maritan. both built in forbes of sandhaven.  ;)
    this is as much as i know kevin built as the kathleen  she was built at the forbes of sandhaven yard , she was sy 409 ? she was owned by a john murray of buckie who sold her to john buchan and fairweather fishing company and i think caley as well . she fished alot on the west coast .sold in july 1999 to portavogie ;D

    Apr 10 2009 07:25 AM
    she had to get a complete new stern done at stornoway because she was leeking when james murray had her
    #  Main Gear type :   OTB  - Bottom otter trawls
    # Secondary Gear type :  NO  - No gear
    # Hull material code :  1 - Wood
    # Year of Construction :  1968
    # Place of Construction :  J&G Forbes  - SANDHAVEN (Fraserburgh)
    # LOA :  20.58
    # Tonnage GT :  103.00 T

    Former name: Kathleen SY452


    Steve E.
    same colour as the adoration that blueybrown.........thats the wonder of woolworths