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Garrym and not a wig its NATURAL

Garrym and not a wig its NATURAL

when he was a tad younger wae a BARNETT

    you must be diggin them out the attic now HC that is what mid 90's
    lol .... I told him on friday i was for diggin them oot ................ the disigner fisherman
    i still ahve not got thru the first album i went and borrowed from the old mans house just bits and pieces out of it and the build ones to trawl thru

    Barry McCrindle
    Jan 18 2009 07:17 PM
    get your arse in gear then, for once :) :D :D
    he has more hair on his tap lip ther than he has on his heid now and says its all your fault h. cat wie what u put him thru
    is this boy not currently starring in celebrity big brother ?? minus the hair of course! never knew verne troyer was once at the fishing !

    homeward bound
    Jan 19 2009 07:41 AM
    looks like the drummer out of kajagoogoo !!!!!!! :) :D :D
    he,s like one of the pet shop boys wie oilskins on
    give us a clue blem
    cheers maddug thank god theres somebody out there knows what this man put me through.