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HNLM Willemstad - M864

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HNLM Willemstad - M864

HNLM Willemstad seen inbound to the Port of Tyne (North East England) for a courtesy visit to Newcastle Upon Tyne on 8th November 2008. Photographed from Western Quay, North Shields.

She is a "Alkmaar" - Tripartite class minehunter of the Royal Dutch Navy.
A joint venture of the Navies of France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the Tripartite class of minehunters were conceived in the 1970s and built in the 1980s. France built the mine-hunting equipment, Belgium provided the electronics, and the Netherlands constructed the propulsion train. France and the Netherlands originally bought 15, with Belgium buying 10. All three countries' Tripartite ships contribute to NATO as part of MCMFORNORTH, or Mine Counter Measures Force North ("North" to distinguish itself from the Mediterraean minehunting fleet). Very expensive to repair, and operate.

Class and type: Tripartite class
Type: Minehunter

536 tonnes empty
605 tonnes
Length: 51.50 metres
Beam: 8.96 metres
Height: 18.50 metres
Draught: 3.60 metres
Propulsion: 1 1370 kW "Werkspoor RUB 215" V12 diesel
2 180 kW ACEC active rudders
1 HOLEC bow propellor
Speed: 15 knots