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Kelvin Engine

Kelvin Engine

Lying on the quay in Macduff

    Was this the Village Maid's old engine?

    Not much oil around for a Kelvin either.


    Kevin Munro
    Jan 12 2009 09:47 PM
    No sure whos engine it is, i took the photo yesterday.
    no bob think at engine came oot o the fr ocean harvest,shes up in macduff gettin a big do up
    il b having nitemares after seeing a kelvin engine again

    young ronnie
    Jan 12 2009 10:15 PM
    That would take yer Cat/Cummins/Gardener/Volvo and the like,and tow their arses all over the ocean without breaking sweat nae problem !!....(as long as ye had big fuel tanks lol )
    na,, y canny beat the mitisipussy ronnie,my old kelvin burned mare lube than fuel
    fine engine 2 work we en look after but think twin rig finnished melvin the kelvin

    young ronnie
    Jan 12 2009 10:38 PM
    A mitsipussy ?? is that a Cat block wi' a Japanese cylinder heid !! We had a 330 Cummins and a 240 Kelvin and the Cummins was an A1 machine in every way but the big Kelvin would have eaten it alive !! They both had oodles of piff but for brute strength towing and slogging,the Kelvin was streets ahead.(only one man's opinion though lol)
    fin the reliance wiz built she had a 6 cly 400hp kelvin en it wiz a disaster after she went bang we put in a 535hp 8cly en she wiz ok 4 a while think we combination o oil jobs en fishin in poor weather i jist wrecked it,went threw 3 kelvins in 4 year 2001 stuck in a mitisubisi 680hp en never looked back(touch wood)
    suppose every boat different dare say towing kelvin we handle 2 formica every haul did na help

    young ronnie
    Jan 12 2009 11:30 PM
    Aye JRC even a big Kelvin has its limits ! Mind you,I cannae say I've ever heard o' onybody gaun through three in fower year...dear me,yer shairly an awfae coorse lad wi' the handle lol