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Ocean Hunter

Ocean Hunter

    is that the hold full how many ton does she carry

    hunter of flying heedbutts
    Jan 30 2009 07:17 PM
    380-405units depending how well the crew push them into the corners =38-40tonne  ;)

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jan 30 2009 09:12 PM
    Must have been a crack team in her when she put 405 units out ,i bet thats no been done often.
    Its easy to  fits  405 units in when you are having half a dozen dips not as easy when it is done in one go is that not right hunter of flying headbutts.

    Bob.YTS Skipper
    Jan 31 2009 07:41 PM
    Its easy to have half a dozen dips an get the lockers full when you are the only team at sea u counter of beans.
    mabe thats what fuked this job big nets and big boats at sea all the time