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the carve up

the carve up

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Lenny Burns,?,Joe Peronni,Ian Chivas bought for youngs,Ivan,Alex Frazer,Dick Mclarty,Tommy Grey,Wee Alex weatherspoon's,?, Arther Armstrong

    good photo murry  must be aboot 30 yeer ago
    can place arthur at the side is that ivan standing with the toorie bunnet on ??
    know the face behind  bob alan?:P?? who is the sales man
    stanin beside ivin is tommy gray-guy at right hand side is of photo is arther
    sorry got that wrang alex frazer next ivin tommy gray wi toory bunnit

    Jan 09 2009 03:59 PM
    lenny burns, fred bentley(pieronis), ian chivas

    Jan 09 2009 04:02 PM
    say what they want about ivan, he put a few ayr and dunure men on their feet !!
    they might have been on thier feet but they were still gettin walked on. ive yet to meet a buyer without a dorsal fin on his back. goes with the territory.