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Sheena Margaret AH 127

Sheena Margaret AH 127

The story of this boat had some link to Roy Williamson the brother in the Scottish folk band "The Corries".
Taking a guess by the cars in the back ground either late 70's or early 80's
Not sure where either
Photo courtesy of Ian McCrindle

    bryan DE127
    Jan 08 2009 01:28 PM
    it is Arbroath the inner dock at low tide .the date is 81ish the boat was built for one of the Corries and is bran new.
    Roy had the baot built in the late 70's. Know this because Big Alan ( then we Alan and only 13 at the time ) sent Roy and Ronnie packing when they enquired about the Golden West being for sale while on the beach in Loch Melford in Jan 77. In 1979 we met them at a concert in Dunfermline and had Roy sign a photo of the West at which point we got the story of Alan sending him packing and that he was having a boat built in Arbroath, created a great queue of autograph hunters behind us that time, still have the print.

    Wonder where she is now?

    She is in Germany now after a spell in Orkney and/or Shetland.

    Was for sale last year - named Karoline of Kirkwall.

    Captain v.E.
    Jan 13 2009 05:09 PM
    Built at Gerrards in 1978 as Sheena Margaret AH127 (not AH122), later sold to Orkney becoming Karoline of Kirkwall, reg K1. 38feet. Has a funny curved rudder, dunno if it can be seen in pic. Standing rather than dipping lug mainsail. Was in Germany about 4 or 5 years ago, dunno if still there.

    Barry McCrindle
    Jan 13 2009 05:15 PM
    thanks for the info and the correction on the registration cheers