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Heavy Yarn

Heavy Yarn

Scratcher,Flying Fish, and Crechan having a yarn on the quay

    aye there will be some yarn going on there coca

    bisto disnny look awfy dirty for working???
    what u saying jammy did u fillyour boat today AGAIN ?
    nae a lot skipper your lookin awfy clean in hose pictures canny be doin much work?:P?
    just trying t imagine what would be getting said in that conversation
    you must hae seen the big man coming wi the camera when you showed your best side to it
    We were just saying the Aoelis had a big day on monday.
    faa's that like  dont think i have heard o that boat afore

    was it a big day or was it a big dave day
    Is your pal away 2 bed now jammy?
    who's that like
    talk about  who biggist haul

    Adoration II
    Jan 07 2009 08:20 AM
    tats a look as if the slidery 1 was about scratcher keeping a good eye on swag big day monday eh jammy tat how ive not heard fae u fly c u next tue u
    Hope thats somebody else's jecket Crechans got on or is he really that size!