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Mallaig, 50's maybe

Mallaig, 50's maybe

    just looked agin, this could be 30's, thats a geet old truck on the pier

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jan 06 2009 08:55 PM
    Looks like McBraynes Lochmor at the pier and she was about in the 1930. The tall funnel was replaced by a shorter one when she was re engined in 1949. So pic could be 1940's.
    dont think itis lochmor, looks more like the locharkaig ,think she sank at the pier in that berth.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jan 07 2009 05:01 PM
    Loch Arkaig was a small converted wooden minesweeper and didn't join MacBraynes until end of 1959.  The photo is much earlier than that I think. The Lochearn was a sister of the Lochmor(1) but wasn't the regular Malliag steamer. Hey we could both be way off the mark....good fun discussing it though! Loch Arkaig did sink at the pier in 1979, recovered and was sold to Spain and sank while on trials off Cadiz. There was a second Lochmor launched in 1979, which may be the cause of the confusion....she was a regular visitor to Mallaig, but too late to appear on the photo.
    Try the Lochness on the Sto/way run?:crazy2:

    Brian Ward TT24
    Oct 09 2009 04:36 PM
    Doubt if the Lochness(111) as she had a landing derrick on both masts. Although there is a similarity in this pic. Its good to note there are others with an interest in fishing boats and steamers of this era. Happy days which it would be good to relive!
    possibly the loch seaforth
    I think I can just see the old Doay out side the house with the gun.