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Mallaig late 60's maybe?

Mallaig late 60's maybe?

    INS 147 was the Guiding Star, the CY boat lying inside is the Santa Maria.

    young ronnie
    Jan 06 2009 08:49 PM
    Christina on the outside of the next tier and the Heather Lea II inside her ?
    Christina ? is that the varnished one Ronnie if so think she was still the Minnie Maclean at this time

    young ronnie
    Jan 06 2009 09:39 PM
    That far back she would be right enough Willie,sorry about that,my mistake....see that now,it just goes to show you that naebody's perfect no even me  :P :P
    We will just call it a SENIOR moment YOUNG Ronnie :P :P
    He's not blonde as well is he  :P

    young ronnie
    Jan 06 2009 10:18 PM
    I'm certainly not blonde Mark...very definately dumb though  :P :P
    wonder if ins 147 guiding star. became MINERVA in pittenweem. certainly looks similar..
    again no radars. makes it before 1965.
    Was that the Guiding Star that Donald Patience had and was lost at the Summer Isles
    Santa Maria.....Guiding Star.... Minnie McLEAN....Heather Lea.....Maggie McLEMAN....Arctic Moon agan the wall. Guiding Star lost at the summer Isle, some night that was we left Fladda mor with 70 odd cran going for mallaig ended up in UIG till day light.