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double J

double J

    Barry McCrindle
    Sep 28 2008 09:11 PM
    should that not be double "Chin"......
    well its a better pic than your crack

    quiet waters
    Sep 28 2008 09:29 PM
    yet another pic where you can read his mind "don't look at the camera, don't look at the camera!!!!" is he practicing for BB X? day four in the BB house, tomorrow will james go for a tow, or go on the pull? YOU DECIDE!!!!

    Adoration II
    Sep 29 2008 10:18 AM
    or is it what braw will i wear toniht  ;) ;)

    Young Knoxy
    Oct 01 2008 08:13 PM

    homeward bound
    Dec 23 2008 07:56 PM
    hope you were better dressed last night when you were spied in prestwick town in the company of some top skippers !!!
    dunno about better dress but was in the company of some defo top skippers and legends

    homeward bound
    Dec 23 2008 08:19 PM
    heard when the barman was sweeping up he found a tape for the hillies,2 lowen messers, a paper graph for the coconuts and a settling sheet for the christian james !!!!!!!!
    wonder what happened to that lot must hae fell oot the pocket haha

    the locals from in there will get them and share outthe wealth haha
    maybe he's thinking

    "feck, not another severed head in the hopper, we just don't have the quota for em"