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Launching party Nancy Glen TT10

Launching party Nancy Glen TT10

Duncan "Duncy Matha" MacDougall his wife Charlotte Anne Glen (known as Nan so she is Nancy Glen) MacDougall, Duncan MacDougall, unknown, Archie MacDougall

    John great to see these old pictures.  Where was she built?

    aye john happier days new boats being built dickies yard busy . and u take a look at it now dear dear.
    When was she launched John?
    would it be early 1960 donald were u started ur time them
    1961 I started my time and finished Aug 66 left yard Oct /Nov 66 to go on Fionnaghal with Big Peter.

    johntar tt10
    Jan 17 2009 07:55 PM
    Donald, Is that Blair Wilson between my dad and Archie?
    I think you could be right jt. I have been looking at the face for a while and couldn't get it  but now you mention the name it would fit.