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Is your engine this clean??

Is your engine this clean??

    err....   no!

    young ronnie
    Dec 28 2008 10:02 PM
    Well it should be !!!

    bryan DE127
    Dec 28 2008 10:28 PM
    yes when it came out of the works the only day it looked that clean.
    Gotta be honest pic was taken after a rebuild, but two years and several thousand hours later it dont look much differant.
    well it does also depend on wether the engine room lights are on as well

    young ronnie
    Dec 28 2008 11:05 PM
    Is that because you keep it clean or is it just a naturally clean machine(the NT 855 that we had certainly was,hardly needed to put a rag on it) Dirtiest one I ever had was an 8LX Gardner...oil was forever pissing out all over the place and it ran like a watch,never missed a beat...strange beasts engines lol
    Na. Ime the sad Bas***d, you know there's one in every port when its blowin and everyone else is in the cafe ime polishin my engine lol.That engine is twelve years old and touch wood has been marvellous. Cummins rebuilt it two years ago and since then run like a clock.Burnt 40.000 ltrs last year so it gets used.
    Found a cleaner one Squeek, But this one only has about 30seconds on the clock.