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CN 68 In Campbeltown Loch

CN 68 In Campbeltown Loch

Skiff sailing into Campbeltown. Not sure of the boats name or the year.

    Good Picture I wounder what was her name.

    young ronnie
    Apr 01 2010 10:55 PM
    The canvas is setting just nicely there,hardly a wrinkle in it,and despite the wee heel she doesnae look as if she's carrying any weather helm..sure sign of a pefectly balanced rig..bonny photo that...wooden ships and iron men right enough.Wouldnae be a skiff race by any chance?
    aye, thats a well fettled rig.  men of iron indeed, just 3 men to haul that lot aloft, no mean feat

    young ronnie
    Apr 02 2010 08:02 PM
    According to Angus Martin's book it's the Good Hope...,if that's wrong blame him O0
    Dunard keep them coming, this is good stuff good seamen.

    Douglas Paterson
    Sep 15 2010 08:44 PM
    Beautiful boat....like a racing yacht.