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T.shirt says all you need to know!!!

T.shirt says all you need to know!!!

my sister brought me this Tshirt from Brisbane for me, why she had me in mind when she saw it, i do not know?, this is the only time i wore it, my son Murray spied it and said "i'll have that!!" still he allows me to wash it for him which is kind of him.

    young ronnie
    Oct 11 2008 12:25 PM
    Sarcastic ??....you ??....never !!!!!!

    Adoration II
    Oct 11 2008 01:07 PM
    uve got bigger breasts as most women i no

    Adoration II
    Oct 11 2008 01:09 PM
    just noticed hair 2 wow wat happened

    quiet waters
    Oct 11 2008 01:23 PM
    says more about you than it does aboot me!!! you should stop hangin aboot the garages at kintyre park at lunchtime my boy, as for the hair? what do you mean, i've aye had hair, in fact its even longer than the photo now as its naw been cut since i gave it a No.1 in feb. i reckoned if its good enough for ronnie its good enough for me, except unlike him i've a good bit oh grey in mine, or yella as the wife points oot, but i wear my thirty years smoking like a badge of honour, somethings got to kill you, might as well be something you enjoy, and don't you go getting any ideas on that score, you'll be clean out oh luck unless its a faither comes hame and shoots you!!!!!
    you'll get into bother in that 4x4 of yours, gettin young lassies to come in it  efter askin if they want to come a run and do some doughnuts, then parkin at the new quay heid and producing a big bag oota mcilcheres!!!!!!!
    Aye, you'll naw post wan wi the tshirt I sent ye...

    quiet waters
    Oct 11 2008 05:45 PM
    funny enough i was clearing out three drawers of Tshirts the other week and didn't find it? a dodgy wan wae CANADA on it your mother gave me but the wan you sent? naw, i'll hae to go and hunt it oot whereever it is, can't spend time idle or otherwise speaking to you, i have a royal visit in progress, yes, the troons are here, bugger just came in and said the neck of your guitar is bent, i'm away to the kitchen to light up, just to annoy him, then i'll get zara to gie him a slap, she already threatened him wae wan!!!
    just a thought morris for a great picture you and ricki in a trawler...... t shirt hehehehe

    quiet waters
    Oct 11 2008 06:59 PM
    i'm assuming you meant a trawlerphotos Tshirt? i did suggest that to him a couple of weeks ago, with paper bags over our heads, to see if it would get posted, but judging by the action taken against poor jordan and then barry for the pettiest of reasons i think not, he'll be near suicidal by now but as usual missed his heid and shot himsel in the foot yet again!!!
    i'm going into the fortune telling business, i predicted something would happen today.

    Adoration II
    Oct 13 2008 01:11 AM
    more 2 point jammy u banned yet or u still his bitch ;)

    quiet waters
    Oct 13 2008 04:31 AM
    better still get ricki to stand wae me for a pic wearing a Tshirt saying "I'm Wae The Fisherman!!!!"

    did ye hear aboot the tourist that came up to us the last time i was speaking to ricki? he said to me "are you a fisherman?" i said "well aye, i suppose i am" naw wanting to go into too much detail, explaining circumstances and such laik, he then turned to ricki and said "and are you one of the ones thats at it?"