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for quiet waters

for quiet waters

your some guy being able to tell the future,world champions,only one team in england

    quiet waters
    May 26 2009 08:42 PM
    not telling the future, they won the world club championship earlier this year in japan!!! hope your not one of the new breed that couldn't name a chelsea player from the pre russian cash era? you wouldn't be alone, theres plenty gers fans that can't name anything before souness. pity the "one" teaqm in england could only finish third in the league and didn't get beyond the champions league semi final. i'm away to find a cushion to peek oot from behind at the rome game the morra. maybe roman will give wee gordon the job? could do a lot worse.
    David Speed for Chelsea how many more do you want oh and Laudrop  :crazy2: Rangers Mccloy,Stein Jackson Cooper Jim Rodger my old Head teacher also Hearts and St Mirren,Johnstone any more

    Martin Johns
    May 26 2009 10:08 PM
    Is that the best you can do Willie  :whistle:
    Peter Osgood, Chopper Harris, Peter Bonetti, John Hollins, Mickey Droy, David Webb, David Hay, Ray Wilkins. Seem to remember the manager was Eddie McCreadie ( sounds like someone from Balamory  :crazy2: ) when I started becoming interested in football at around 10 years old. That was in about 1976 & Man United were then in the second division.
    you cant buy history or prestige but try telling that to a russian oligarch who is used to getting his every demand. Its all  been said before i know. chelsea are a spent force now. theyve had thier chances and never took them. that pesky referee tut tut..... come on UNITED!

    quiet waters
    Feb 08 2010 03:35 AM
    eddie mcreadie actually played in the same team as bonetti and harris , hollins davie webb, osgood etc, its fans over 30 who can't name the manager before souness or before mourinho, my son asked me why i was shouting at the telly more during the semi against man city than i did when man utd play liverpool or chelsea, after all they aren't really rivals even if they do come from the same city, i told him it was because of a diving wee bastard called frannie lee and a back heel by the king back in 1973, and no, we were not in the second division in 1976, that being the year an offside goal by southampton won the FA cup, which we won the following year beating liverpool, and going for a 19th league title this year and a fourth european cup triumph has gone a small way to compensating for that city game 37 yrs ago, and of course city sacked an ex united man who was doing ok and replaced him with someone who has already lost more games including the only chance they have of winning anything, he'll be off before xmas 2010 and the team offloaded before the end of the 2011 season, count on it, go saints !!!
    ??? I can remember Eddie McCreedie knocking George Mulhall off the ball and straight into the paddock area at Roker Park, a hard man to pass down the wing. Those were the days nobody shirked the tackles and complained about a bit of rough and hard play, the Italians have got a lot to answer for. ???
    What about John Dempsey ,  Ian Hutchinson( Long throw!!) and David Webb. I,m a Leeds/ Hibs fan . I have cause to mind Chelsea.                                                                                                                                 JB ??? ??? ???