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Super market sweep

Super market sweep

Conveyor of scallops

    nice stuff!
    thats a nice sight,scallops minus the stones
    dont kn ow a thing about the scallops but that looks like a good haul,,,how much bags is there their appx?
    aye nothing better than seeing a conveyour full o them. ya cud turn that pic into a comp how many baskets or bags that haul.
    7 baskets that side ?

    johntar tt10
    Dec 24 2009 11:57 AM
    Is there no more than 7 there Syd?
    As iI recall you never ever exaggerated Syd, were always cautious when declaring, see things have'nt changed in the play it down department lol O0
    syd must def be a skipper,,av not an eye for that things but if a didnt fill more than 7 baskets outa that id be gie shocked O0
    Be lucky if there is 5 in that side alone. Landing size is 110mm not like scottish waters of 100mm where that would be an outstanding tow. Turn the phone of tow.Lot more throw backs that year. Not like this year. You would of bn looking a basket to basket and half a dredge this year. Look out nxt year need few years to recover!!

    Manx Venture
    Dec 24 2009 01:38 PM
    that`l never recover out there man!! there gone for good
    Its shocking mate whats left on bank! The lst few years build up of stocks to whats now down to very little, in a matter of 3or 4 weeks.