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Sovereign BF 380

Sovereign  BF 380

    young ronnie
    Dec 22 2008 06:26 PM
    Awa' doon the stairs Willie min and tell the Mannie tae come up here for a meenit,we've got a problem !!
    Hi Kev

    Not bad condition considering she was wrecked 3 years ago and has had to put up with time and tide since then. Very close to its anniversary of 18/12/05


    Steve E. (tee hee - snip, snip)

    Kevin Munro
    Dec 22 2008 07:49 PM
    No Steve, differant boat, this one was in 2005, http://www.maib.gov....6/sovereign.cfm
    aye aye kev is this we the new camera??

    Kevin Munro
    Dec 22 2008 07:56 PM
    Aye thats right jimmy,

    Martin Johns
    Dec 22 2008 09:33 PM
    Great photo Kev. What lens are you using ?

    Sovereign is lasting well. Must have been well built.

    Kevin Munro
    Dec 22 2008 09:41 PM
    Hi Martin, AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm 1:4.5-5.6G, that was taken at 300mm.

    Martin Johns
    Dec 22 2008 10:40 PM
    Aye thats a good lens Kev. I've got the same one on my D80.