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My great grandmother and some of her family.

My great grandmother and some of her family.

My great grandmother on my father's side,in the centre of the picture,with some of her daughters and a couple of grandchildren,taken around 1925 probably in Victoria Street known locally as "The Cat's Row" no doubt called that for the amount of moggies that would be on the go feeding on what was left after baiting the lines. Quite a number of the fishing families in Dunbar came from her sons and daughters (Marr,Johnstone,Brunton,Graham to mention only a few) Robert George Brunton,the younger laddie there,was lifeboat cox in the 60s.and 70s.His mother Annie is second from the right.

    Oct 10 2008 07:37 PM
    great pic-cracking piece of history.
    nice stripey knitted tie, I had one jusst like it.
    What's this fishery officers tag, that's not very nice but funny.
    What a fantastic picture.  I'm guessing Granny would be the back bone?
    you know whats really nice about that picture ronnie?...  they're all smiley and happy

    not often you see old photy's where they look like they're enjoying themselves

    mind you that young un looks a right worky ticket!!  O0

    young ronnie
    Nov 25 2009 11:31 PM
    I don't suppose life would have been all bad even back then Mark,but it sure wouldnae have been a bed of roses,must have been gey hard at times.There's one thing though,they didnae envy their neighbours,there was nae need to,everybody in that street had the same...nowt  O0 O0
    Great old photo Ronnie
    Hi Ronnie

    Do you know if the Brunton side of your family has any connection with the Brunton fishing family from Cullercoats?


    Steve E.

    Nov 26 2009 06:20 PM
    you were a bonnie baby ron :whistle: O0

    young ronnie
    Nov 26 2009 07:11 PM
    Open yer eyes a bit mair Frank,anybody can see that bairn's no me...I'm sitting on the step O0 As for the Bruntons in Cullercoats Steve,as far as I know there isn't a connection,or at least if there is I've never heard of it.