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Sweltered Caught Working

Sweltered Caught Working

Jasmine CN110, late skipper Murray Shaw coming out of the engine room, the two figures up in the bow are myself with back to camera and our Florida member Sweltered, why we were both aboard the boat in oilskins i know not? can't remember when the pic was taken, could have been when Allan worked for the Carradale Co-op or just before the Jasmine left CN which would have meant we were both dragged over from the new boat QW CN45 to carry out some task, or more likely to pilfer anything that wasn't nailed down, that being the case then the pic could well be the last taken of our father before he died.

    It is indeed the last pic of himself. We are in oilskins because it was raining, and we were engaged in "acquiring" a length of anchor chain when the picture was taken.
    i remember when i was a boy goin into the parahandy(only pub i got into when i was 16-17!) and ur auld fla would cum in for a pint....think he had a dog with him? is that joba's boat in the pic??

    quiet waters
    Oct 10 2008 06:22 PM
    i thought we were nicking something right enough, must have been taken no more than a week or two before he died, think we wanted the chain for some weight on a net, the hoppers on the stern were the give away, it's a harkass, if the pic had been taken any other time it would have been one i'd made myself. in all likeliehood this was taken the week the jasmine left, he took command of the QW the following week for the first and only time, if you recall he towed all the way up to the high rocks to lift with a southerly breeze freshening, just to put her thru her paces punching into it all the way home, when we got to davaar light he just said "aye, she'll maybe do", had a heart attack the next day and died at 8pm on the sunday night.
    as for the dug scott, that would have been corrie, the second rough collie we had, there was a third which was a rescue dog and allan will need to remind me of its name, he had it at the time when he died, i honestly couldn't remember it when i saw a pic of it and corrie a while back but i'd been left home and married for seven years by then, had just moved to my present home (i say present but they've all been told i'm only leaving it in a box) might have been called shane probably not, r icki should know? the dug stayed across the road from him and probably barked at him if he played football in the street, nah, knowing r icki. the dog probably laughed!!!!
    the other boat is indeed jobba's amazing grace.

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 01:32 AM
    watch ye don't trip ower that hose cluttering up the deck, better still watch that big man coming oot the engineroom disna kick yer erse for cheek!!!!
    i cana imagine rick'i playn footie qw....lol

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 11:41 AM
    sorry, its this imagination of mine, takes the wierdiest notions at times, but then again, you thought you could play a bit so anything is possible!!!!!

    i don't remember him as a wee boy i moved out in 1982, he wouldn't have lived there at the time, but i do remember in later years my mother could never get a parking space for her car because of him and rab fae the chipshop and his boys, he might well be using her parking space ee noo seeing her car is sitting in semple's in trumpton courtesy of my cousin mary and thon big droll kenny, my buddy at family gatherings, mary trusts me to make sure he behaves, i don't get to enjoy his company nearly often enough.
    i can still play a bit may i add....winners medal this year again in cup final....not bad for a 36year old who is gettn bigger by the day! lol

    quiet waters
    Nov 10 2008 11:55 AM
    oh i saw the picture!!! met your brother last week, he's giving you a run for your money!!!
    ha aye cheers qw! wee bit to catch up on him yet rite enuf!