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Halcyon - Ex BF187

Halcyon - Ex BF187

Halcyon seen here in Hartlepool Marina, 16th December 2008.

She carries the registration number SSR1295486

Looks to me to be a former Trawler - anyone have information on her?

    so you now have a plan for an original wheel house mark >:( >:( ;D

    how the conversion coming is she out the water yet >:(
    no, sitting where she is still, penciled in to be out at the end of january, but one of the pilot boats is on the slip at the minute, so we have to wait till thats out the road, but can't imagine they'd want it sat there too long
    Can anyone help. I am trying to track the new owner of the Halycon, which was owned by the James Milne from Whitehills.  I have tracked it to Hartlepool where I understand it has gone through a boat conversion to a house boat.

    James Milne was my grandfather and my son who is desperate to become a fisherman and follow in his great grandfather, and at one point my fathers footsteps.  This is not liable to become a reality as he is disabled, but he is desperate to see his great grandfathers boat.

    Can anyone forward me details of the new owner.  You can contact me at leeke_kerry@hotmail.com