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Halcyon - Ex BF187

Halcyon - Ex BF187

Halcyon seen here in Hartlepool Marina, 16th December 2008.

She carries the registration number SSR1295486

Looks to me to be a former Trawler - anyone have information on her?

    quiet waters
    Dec 18 2008 01:17 PM
    i've heard the name before, this pic gives me a horrible vision of my old boat which is undergoing a similiar thing sown south, the guy that ownss her has a pic on the other place, looking even worse than this, hard to accept but if you're going to live aboard you need to make it as comfy and practical as possible, better than getting chopped up i suppose?
    This was the Halcyon that was in Whitehills many moons ago, seem to remember billy milne asking me about her a while ago, BF187.  Was billy's grandfathers boat, built in the 50's at Macduff, ended up in Ireland then came back over here and got the conversion treatment.  Billy still has the original nameboards from her
    Hi Mark

    Thanks for the information - now moved into the correct category  ;D


    Steve E.
    HI Q.W. the Halcyon was built in 1950 at Macduff for my father Jimmy Milne and was at the seine net while in Whitehills I was aboard her from 53  to  58 at one time my dad and 5 brothers were the crew .We fished out of Campbeltown in March every year had some good shots off bennane head and pladda.
    Mark         Billy took us up to Gairlochy in the canal to see the Halcyon on her way from Ireland to Hartlepoole aboot 2 years ago it was good to see her again but she was a sad sight so although she is done up a bit now and looks better its not as I and family remember her but at least he has kept her afloat and good luck to him and his conversion.
    Hi Robby

    Thanks for the additional information - all adds to the 'record' - better to see her still afloat than scrapped perhaps  ;D

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    Steve E.
    aye billy said she was in a poor way, going a bit soft where it counts.  seems to be the way with most of the boats in hartlepool

    did your dad (jimmy milne) not have an involvement with Pansy back then??
    evrybody starts off a FO on here robby you got to post to get rid o that title lol
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    Hullo Mark no our family had nothing to do wi the Pansy she belonged to the Wiseman family down 3 generations we did fish along with her for some years and they were very successful fishermen and looked after her well they were also seine net men as was nearly all the fleet when she was fishing .I'm a bit like Jammy dinna like that blobby picture you made of her.Good luck to you it will be nice to see her as she was.
    that was when getting severly annoyed with scientists(think i was tellinghim where i was goingto shove the camera_)
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    just had a nice surprise from the Fisheries Museum in Fife, they've found an original set of plans, not of Pansy, but of a Fifie the same size, so they posted them down on loan for us

    got a plan to get up to portsoy & whitehills with her next summer if we get her fettled in time