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Photo given to me by work mate his grand fathers boat Trust in Fraserburgh Bay in 1970s.  owned by Albert Duthie

    johntar tt10
    Dec 18 2008 02:10 PM
    Alan. this one went to Aran Islands, Donegal in early 80's, had a writ put on her mast by bank and then bought by local guy who done her up, well sort of, and sold her on.

    homeward bound
    Dec 18 2008 02:14 PM
    seem to remember this one in ayr 1980ish rigged for trawling

    johntar tt10
    Dec 18 2008 02:58 PM
    Aye Orville she was everywhere and anywhere leaving a string of debt astern, finished when Sheriff Officers pinned her in TT

    What happened to her after that? The guys I work beside would like to know what happened to her he has a wooden scale model of her at home.


    johntar tt10
    Dec 18 2008 04:46 PM
    She went to Donegal bought by Charlie Gallagher from Aran Island, don't know if she is still on the go,  it was when we had the wooden boat about 83/84.
    had to give them a lend of our dipstick to check the engine oil before they set off.
    Frank "restlesswave" will know of her fate as I am sure it was a cousin of his that helped sail her over, Charlie "betty" Gallagher.

    Dec 18 2008 05:27 PM
    aye john, charlie `mickey`gallagher aranmore bought her and charlie betty took it over for him. charlie mickey put a new wheelhouse on her and was at the gillnets. she was sold down south of ireland round 1989 as far as i know she was scrapped a few years ago.
    Thanks for all the information guys.  Unfortunately, my grandfather is no longer with us but my dad is still interested in what happened to her.  Do any of you have any idea as to what her name was changed to?
    finished her days in unionhall as trust outfished many bigger boats
    The old ADDISONS BF George addison had her before going to FR