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Flower B 72

Flower  B 72

No sure if she's decomed or no !!!

    Hi Ally

    She isn't on the EU Trawler Register - http://ec.europa.eu/...vanced&country=


    Steve E.
    Maybe she broken up Steve, probaly some of the members will know for sure.
    she was tied up in maryport recently just used as a pleasure boat now
    Hi Ally

    Shame if she has been scrapped but at least you have a photographic record.


    Steve E.
    Yea thats right Steve, my father worked aboard her in the 50's when she was Buckie owned, i've some old B&W photos i got from him somewhere.

    Young Knoxy
    Dec 13 2008 10:30 PM
    she was decommissioned on 26/9/06 dont know what happened to her after that

    Feb 17 2012 05:48 PM
    shes lying in maryport up for sale now