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Glenugie PD 347

Glenugie  PD 347

    mind o her years ago in anster under cptn billy ???

    bryan DE127
    Dec 16 2008 06:25 PM
    photo taken before she went to the purse net .

    young ronnie
    Dec 16 2008 10:26 PM
    Here's one for the Eastie Beastie lads.....her first engine lies in 27 fathoms about 6 miles East of the May !! (13.2 & 42.9 if my old paper readings are correct)
    No joy with Wiki so not being an "eastie beastie" -
    is this to do where the old PD 340 Glenugie was wrecked in 1956 ;D?

    young ronnie
    Dec 16 2008 11:27 PM
    No ,this Glenugie was re-engined in 1972 with a Bauduin and we got the original 240 Kelvin that she was built with to put in our boat the Storjen.She was lost in 1978 East of the May Island....that's the connection.(Was this Glenugie lost off Shetland in later years ??)
    Studied me "bible" !! - Donald M Anderson's " Motor boats and more besides "
    Just goes from PD 347 Glenugie in 1964 to PD 340 Glenugie IV in 1980.
    No mention of "eastie beasties", but being an Englishman I wouldn't  understand
    what you Northern gentlemen were on about  !!!

    bryan DE127
    Dec 20 2008 05:58 PM
    Glenugie was lost 95 miles E/ofKirkwall in 93 as the Glenmore INS334.

    young ronnie
    Dec 20 2008 06:08 PM
    Just to avoid any confusion,this one is Glenugie 3rd. Didnae think it was that far back that she was lost Bryan,time fairly rattles on.Was she sailing under the name "Abalone" at one point or am I talking ***** (again !!)

    bryan DE127
    Dec 20 2008 06:33 PM
    aye Ronnie this one Glenugie III PD347 she was Aquarius PD347 then Glenmore INS334 I am cheeting its out of the purser book.
    pure grace in motion ??? ??? ???