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Sea Lamprey

Sea Lamprey

The Oldest Fish In The sea apparently

    Strange lookin beast, i've never seen one in my time at the job.

    Dec 15 2008 11:14 PM
    how big is that one? Hard to judge the size of it.  We had one at trawl off Eyemouth, summer 07, boot a foot long. Noo in the freezer of newcastle university

    quiet waters
    Dec 16 2008 12:32 AM
    blow in the eye and you'd get a whole octave out of those spots, think you might get a tune out it!!!
    i think that one might have been about 2 foot long
    Are they very abundant and if so are they edible?
    dere supposedly fairly rare. dey hang on to sharks nd stuff so maybe if ya got a shark..
    Usually we find them in the rivers but tiny quantities. We ate ti as nearly any other fish. Some times in christmas is good sale on them but usually is a kind of fashn fish that people only demands once or twice a year (hoipefully)
    I've seen 10 of the horrible craturs hanging onto a basking shark. Used to slash at them with flensing knives, and when blood came out there was nothing left! They lie in wait at river mouth, jump onto a redfish, and suck all the life from him!