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Ark Royal

Ark Royal

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 20 2013 06:19 AM
    now being rendered down to a heap of scrap metal in Turkey
    massive amount of the Ark has been demolsihed in three months flat

    the third carrier Illustrious has just been put up for sale
    The Ark and Invincible went for £3million ... barely the price of a new 30m whitefish boat!!!
    would make a good offshore support heavy repair, consumables warehousingand heiicopters base for worldwide offshore service IMO

    homeward bound
    Oct 20 2013 07:23 AM
    this was the 5th Ark royal  built   ,originally to be called Indomitable ,but was called after the previous Ark Royal  , which was scrapped at Cairnryan in 1980  :)

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 21 2013 05:59 AM
    One small problem ... the pic is roond the wrong way
    supestructure is to starboard and ramp to port

    homeward bound
    Oct 21 2013 06:10 AM
    no make any odds whit way round it is    it"s only one way now !!!!!!  :(

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 21 2013 07:41 PM