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Jasper lifted

Jasper lifted

    Looking very good Donald, where she lying?

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 05 2013 10:38 AM

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 05 2013 04:30 PM
    Good evening Donald W, She is lying at Rothesay Dock East, Clydebank/Yoker opposite side of the river to glasgow airport. Hi Jay we got there in the end it was a sore fight that had to be won. cant wait to go back to sea for a break

    Jay Cresswell
    Oct 06 2013 05:00 PM
    Once you've made good her rubbing strakes are you fitting cope irons?

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 06 2013 06:38 PM
    Good evening Jay, yes to above question, Keith at Rothesay dock is trying to source cope irons which would be drilled prior to galvinising for me, the lower one is not as hard to come by as is the one for the top. there is also a section required from just bellow the white line up to the flat bar on her stem post, the plan is to take of the old cope bar that has served its purpose remove dead wood from stem post and fill with a mixture of colano glue and clean dust that I kept from the sand down then sand to shape. that's the plan for now. I am due back to sea this week for four to six weeks so there will not be much happening with the old girl for a while. If you know of anyone that can supply cope irons let me know so that I can compare prices, I think the last ones you would have used would be a bit on the small side for Jasper lol. The model you built of Ribhin Donn is beautiful you must have the patience of a saint and a very good eye for detail. regards Donald

    Brian Ward TT24
    Oct 06 2013 07:08 PM
    Donald.... Have you tried Nobles at Girvan for cope irons?
    I got some for the boat from them last year....good price too and very helpful.

    Regina Maris CY105
    Oct 23 2013 06:26 PM
    Hi Brian, I am at sea just now and will be for a few weeks yet. On your advice I spoke to Nobles just over a week ago, they do stock the cope irons, I did not get a price of them as I was unsure of the size, the cope irons were not on Jasper when I bought her, I will need to measure roughly from the rubbing strakes or measure the ones that are on the Ocean Gem. I had an interesting conversation with someone from Nobles,. When I go on leave I will be going down to visit them, I will give them a collection of before and after pics etc. Who better to ask for advice but the family that built her. Thanks for now Donald.