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dawn watch

    young ronnie
    Aug 01 2013 12:22 PM
    I hate to contradict you Kev,but this one was built for Port Seton as the St.Ninian,The Diamond was built for St.Abbs as the Dauntless.Both Millers of St.Minnans and fine wee boats they were/are.(funny feeling she got the chop a while back)
    now in shetland as diamond
    Built Millers 1960 as Ronnie says . Was the Diamond not the x Dauntless?
    built as st ninian,120 kelvin sure the names still up in the netshed at the harbour.was bought back to port seton for a short while

    Mike Craine
    Aug 02 2013 05:59 AM
    Can I throw this Dawn Watch into the pot to sort out, built 1960 by Miller!?
    DAWN WATCH BA297 1979 FE235. LN 10 1988 PW. 1988 LH386 1996 stopped fishing?
    Mike she w as built as St  Ninian LH 386 became Dawn Watch 1966 I was aboard her when she was sold to become Dawn Watch.Ps was fishing after 96.
    Pic does her no justice prob the best 40 ft boat Miller built.But def built St Ninian to replace their former boat Bluebell LH186 4 the  Harkess family of Port Seton.

    Long time replying Mike.