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Conduan BCK 4

Conduan  BCK 4

Up on the slip at Buckie.

    Hi Ally

    Nice one - better view of her then the one I posted of her alongside Camillia  >:(


    Steve E.
    She was bonnie when white painted Steve.
    Hi Ally

    There is a photograph of her wheelhouse here:


    A shot of her catch @

    A good one of her launch @
    http://www.twmuseums..... Mission&m=17

    Shot of her in the Tyne @
    http://www.twmuseums..... Mission&m=13

    This piece from the Buckie Heritage web site @ www.buckieheritage.org/dates/1968.pdf

    April 18 Boat launches - A 70' twin screw motor stern trawler was launched from the shipyard of Messrs Jones on Saturday. Built at a cost of 60,000 for North Shields owners the new vessel, christened Conduan has a number of innovations. She has been built to a revolutionary and ultra modern design by G. L. Watson and Coy. Naval architects and incorporates many new features in her construction with a great deal of attention being paid to the provision of improved working conditions on deck for the crew.

    The keel was laid a year ago after the vessel was successfully tested in a tank at John Brown's Shipyard on the Clyde.
    The Conduan has all the latest navigational equipment, R/T communications and
    fishing aids.
    She is the first fishing boat to be built with two engines, both of these being 156 Gardner diesel type with variable pitch propellers while a third engine, also a Gardner, has been installed for driving the combined seine and trawl winch. The electrical power is in the region of 10kw.
    The Conduan has been built for Allan Morse and his brother Norman who already run a fleet of three fishing boats, one of which, the Conmoran was built by Jones 10 years ago.

    The Conduan was launched complete and once in the water sailed off under her own steam. She will be used for both seine and trawl.


    Steve E.

    young ronnie
    Dec 09 2008 09:40 AM
    Twin screw with 6L3B Gardeners in her.Cockynut for anybody who can think of another big boat with twin engines and props.I know the Naurau,a 50ft steel boat had about that time(late 60s),and the La Conquette a wee wooden 33 footer has now,but any more ??

    Dec 09 2008 10:08 AM
    the irish built ronan padraig was twin  kelvin engined-but i think driving one gearbox.
      but the mc hugh`s supertrawler atlantic dawn was twin screw. both the conduan and nauaru  were scrapped in ireland. i have the sump of one of nauaru`s gardners on the restless wave`s engine.-you can email the coakynut ronnie!!

    young ronnie
    Dec 09 2008 10:13 AM
    Atlantic Dawn ??  That's no a boat,that's a ship!!...I'll send ye half a coakynut lol

    Dec 09 2008 10:24 AM
    aye alright-but i want the big half >:(

    young ronnie
    Dec 09 2008 10:29 AM
    And half the milk as well I would assume ?  !!

    Dec 09 2008 10:37 AM
    aye ok-but how are you going to e mail me that!?
    Here you go

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