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71797 473997899325263 17971570 N

fine bag

    What boat is this on
    Dont mind anyone coppying any photo I post but dont like to see them reposted as if it was one of there own
    away an grow up j.e.h.if thats all uv got to bother u .im not trying to steal them off u if u dont want anybody to see them lock them in a drawer gods sake its only a phota its a trawler picture site iv put plenty on here an other sites plenty have used mine and there welcome to them some ret fishermen love to see era they lived thru and young ones aswell but give u ur due braw pics.
    well said swivel dry yer eyes j e h dont turn this into a bitchin site same as the other one on a lighter note seen 7-8 lifts like that coming aboard at noup head at night 5 nights on the trot [feckall during the daylight] got next to nothing for them as they were pure white no scales by the time we cleared them rolling about in the hopper was not a great help ach well such was the fishing

    homeward bound
    Jul 09 2013 05:38 AM
    7-8lifts x 5 nights  ,then you went wi ky for some REAL fishing !!!,keep that yin for the forte bar   auld boy  och och  !!  lol  :),   was looking for you last week ,was up at UIE
    They were posted for all to see

    stooriejim ba383
    Jul 09 2013 07:22 AM
    n0 be mutch caught in the forte bar now eddie mcrindles, gibsons, monroes all gone,TOMMY ROBERSON must have had some cleaning to get rid of all the scales and prawn heids oot at shutting time mind you you left your fair share yourself.

    Douglas Paterson
    Jul 09 2013 05:39 PM
    Fit boat is it?