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Christina II weekend maintenance

Christina II

Christina II weekend maintenance

Bob and I knackered after a long weekend to fix a leak she was taking about 1000 gl/hr and when we found it, it was a bit of caulking missing about 10mm x 1mm amazing what comes in a small hole. See video of how much comes in https://www.facebook...512673352120590

    Hugh Paterson
    Jun 17 2013 04:22 AM
    theres no way im looking at that video??? ya really know how to cheer us up fellas

    Jay Cresswell
    Jun 17 2013 08:53 AM
    so where was the watter up to when you discovered the leak?
    Not deep Jay found it immediately I turned her off last Wednesday, as soon as the pump went off it was triggering in about 10 seconds, so the pump did it's job. Luckily when she sat in the mud with a piece of packing on the inside the mud slowed it up to next to nothing, take the back packing out, woosh, in came again. So all fixed the right way with oakum and linsead putty, dry last night. Result.


    young ronnie
    Jun 17 2013 12:32 PM
    Aye Alan it's amazing the water that comes in with a broken nail or a bit of caulking missing,especially if it's low down.Can mind knocking 5 or 6 inches of caulking out the old Seagull with a trawl board and it took the hand pump plus the GG going all the way in to keep it under control,and that was only a couple of planks below the water line on her quarter.....certainly surprised me just how much she was making.
    Yeh guys it gets the heart racing when you see it thankfully our mud berth stemed the flow till we could beach her this weekend.  It was on the second last seam at the stern so 4.5ft under water, but she got a good going over when she dried out rest of her looks pretty solid.  We have always been suspicious of that seam and the others around that area but there all renewed now.  If it leaks again its down to Bobs caulking not that I'm one to pass on blame.
    Always helps to have a bilge counter you know when the bilge pump starts increasing in frequency. Can deal with small leaks before you really have to. It aint nice when the leak is greater than the bilge pumps capabilities! I remember once I had to disconnect the inlet for the electric head and leave the the thing flushing just to keep up a bit stressful when your 5 hours from port!