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Christina II wheelhouse plans

Christina II

Christina II wheelhouse plans

Plans for the new wheelhouse your comments welcome.  Don't have time to do the full thing so just extending the front this year we will do the back of the wheelhouse in the winter or early next year.  Gets rid of that stupid looking overhang at the front.  Drawing was to show internal frame will be tongue and grove finish varnished.  Coach roof deck will be Oak sealed with Sicoflex and varnished.  Construction of frame shown bearers are 5" x 4" Oak beams bolted through each deck beam old hold hatch will then be cut out wider and 1 beam longer.

    Jay Cresswell
    Jun 02 2013 08:40 AM
    but don't use oak for coachroof deck ... its too mobile and you'll have problems with leaks
    Use either good larch or a dense close-grained resiny pine ... oregon or pitchpine
    good to see you at All-Energy
    Well Jay all deck repairs to date have been done using Oak from our friendly Oak supplier and we've not seen a leak yet.  Bob and I put that down to good workmanship.  It was good to see you in Aberdeen last week for a chat sorry I talked about work for a while and not boat but needs must.  You remembering to send me that guys e-mail from ABB.