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Ringers in Barra Sound

Ringers in Barra Sound

stormdrift, erica, black marie and i don't know his neighbour

    maybe the golden venture xander not sure

    Xander Fulton
    Dec 08 2008 09:26 PM
    my dad thought the black marie was maybe sold to tarbert is that right james >:(
    she was in carradale good number yrs as silver cloud neibouring maid of the mist tarbert for 2yr not sure where she finished up
    the golden venture neighboured the black marie
    was sold to either tarbert or carradale

    ask the old man tonight
    Fred Brownie fished very well with the ring net with her as the Silver Cloud. I think she was maybe built as the Mairi Elspeth for the old Bomber? She ended up being scrapped in SY as the Boy Neil.
    Easy Jammy, the black Marie was sold tae ma faither, skippered by Andy Hislop, then Robbie Darry McCreath, sold tae Fred Brownie in 1966. It's dementia ye're gettin'. O0
    Fincutter your father had the TUDOR ROSE then  before the MARIE Andy Hislop was in the box neebouring the LINING???
    That's right ringnetman, I never said any different, but the black Marie was sold fae Dunure tae the Maidens...That's what I was puttin' Jammy right on.
    think i'll let you "historians" keep the records right unkl howie lol