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ex tarbert anne marie

ex tarbert anne marie

head of rutland 1986

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jan 05 2009 08:52 PM
    Where is she now?  Various stories about her after she left Tarbert.

    Jan 05 2009 09:23 PM
    brian, she fished here from burtonport very succesfuly at the dogs and salmon for close on ten years she was then sold to west kerry and fished at the crabs there for a while i think she is lying derelict on a beach down there.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Jan 06 2009 08:17 PM
    Many thanks for the update Restlesswave, much appreciated. I'd heard she was in Burtonport for a while. If I ever get over to Ireland, I'll try to search her out.
    She was always immaculate when she used to come to the summer fishing at WY neighbouring the Evelyn