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Success 111 / WY212



Success 111  /  WY212


    Jay Cresswell
    Mar 22 2013 05:47 PM
    One of Macduff's final and excellent series of large wooden vessels
    A scary number of years have flown by since the last of them was launched
    They basically represent the final chapter of large commercial wooden vessel construction anywhere in the UK, or indeed Northern Europe
    Built for the wests as the caspian. the sister ship is now fishing as deliverance out of portavoigie That they built as the seagull both fished mainly out of kinlochbervie when they were new.

    Jay Cresswell
    Mar 23 2013 04:21 PM
    I reviewed her when built for Fishing Boat World (Baird) ... painted red when delivered, Effectively the first in the series was Seagull, though this was replaced by another Seagull ... the one I think you're referring to
    The red seagull was sold to campbeltown and was the brighter morn CN. 151 they replaced here with the sister ship to this one then sold it when they built the steel seagull to fish the deep water jay.

    Jay Cresswell
    Mar 24 2013 08:47 AM
    one of these days, I'll rake back through the archive and find the various Macduff boaties that I covered
    but its like the thousands of other images sitting in files here, so little time in which to do what I really want to
    They built some cracking wooden boats sha me they still don't.I think the atlas and helenus were more or less just the same as the seagull.