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irish yawl

irish yawl

going shopping ,owey island, 1945, my father on oar.

    A real classic, Frank. What's the box floating off the starboard side?

    Oct 10 2008 08:24 PM
    yeah george it`s  a cracker alright i`m very lucky to have a stash of older pics like this-unfortunately not that many connected with boats and fishing. i some times think that restoring them is a double edged sword although a clear image is good-an aged image like this is good also-as long as the marks and stains don`t interfere with the subject. the floating box is a lobster store box.
    I think you're right Frank sometimes the photos can loose a bit of character
    when doctored too much. Anyway I think this ane deserves to be left alone.
    she looks the same shape as a dromthein without sails, maybe there was no wind that day, looks like a couple of masts lying along with the oars.

    Nov 19 2008 05:15 PM
    she is a drontheim mc stout only here they were only ever called a yawl. as they`re just leaving the pier they wouldn`t have the masts stepped yet.