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Atlantic Challenger PD197



Atlantic Challenger PD197

Aground after breaking away getting fitted out outside of Troon 1998/99 xmas / sister ship to Soltice 2 BF56 then Viking Monarch K58 i think

    Mar 14 2013 08:39 PM
    Can mind driving down the Brassie hill and my eyes popping out when i saw her !!
    e/r full of sand by the time they got her off too
    Go down there on a calm day and there will be the same tonnage of razor boats mooching about aye and nearly as far
    Think building these things -big trawlers! was suppossed to help Ailsa survive, but it seems they took a bath building them! Easier building ferries wi no sheer /curves less electrics and machinery. Russa Taign also was built there too for Orkney.
    Couldve been that day one of Robin Taylors boats had crew on deck constantly replacing mooring ropes as they snapped while she was berthed at the wee hurry quay-wild day!