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    Boy Danny CN142 ?
    Mary Mclean third boat out

    young ronnie
    Mar 14 2013 04:03 PM
    Is the middle one the Sea Nymph that wee Gus Durnin took for a while?

    Mar 14 2013 05:04 PM
    Thats a name from the past YR always used to see him and the Heatherjoy landing at Largs and think they were bonny wee models of boats ;)

    young ronnie
    Mar 14 2013 06:18 PM
    Think the last time I saw wee Gus he was up here to take the Sceptre and that's a few years back PJ. Only time I was ever in at the pier at Gigha was courtesy of him.He landed our stuff at Tayinloan as we didnae have enough water to get the old Seagull alongside the pier.Gave us a pilot out the South end the following morning too.It was the week before I got married so that must have been early March '78.A very obliging man Gus.
    unfortunately u no see wee gus (my dad) again YR passed away 3yr next week but hey this made me smile nice to see/hear stories of him, lol a legend in his own

    young ronnie
    Mar 15 2013 10:38 AM
    I knew he had passed away right enough but I thought it was further back than three years.He was promised a bit of wedding cake which I duly got for him(a guid daud it was an a')and I kept it aboard the boat for ages but never saw him again after that.I can still see the wee Sea Nymph heading in for the pier at Tayinloan just loaded wi' the two boat's stuff,his crew and mine....wasnae a spare inch left anywhere on her deck! When he took us out in the morning through the wee channel at the South end between Cara and Gigalum it was low water and the rocks were sliding by the side of the boat....guid job he kent where he was gaun 'cause I sure as hell didnae have a clue..the bicycle clips on the bottom of the troosers were ha'en a gey sair struggle coping I can assure ye lol All good fun at the time though!