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    this would be inthe mid 60s the fire station hasnt been built yet at loch nevis cres if my memory serves me right there was a play park there the ferry ithink is either the columba now the hebredian princes or the iona wheres ringnetman when you need him lol

    Brian Ward TT24
    Mar 09 2013 11:39 PM
    Ferry looks like the Hebrides or the Columba as you said.
    Heb ended up on south coast as Devonian for Tor Bay Seaways
    Any names of the fishing boats?
    MacBraynes boat could also be the  Clansman which was the one that went to Devon -supposed to run a service to Jersey but I dont think it lasted too long.
    If not Clansman its the Columba now Heb. Princess or Hebrides. Columba was Oban to Craigienure Boat,Hebrides Uig to Harris and LochMaddy.

    Brian Ward TT24
    Mar 10 2013 02:50 PM
    Hi Dave.....think Clansman went to Malta Gozo
    She was the ferry that visited the Thames for a Scottish exhibition, later lengthened and used on Arran run.
    Must admit more into the Clyde than West Highland steamers/ferries so not as into the detail as you are.
    Hope your boat ok and ready for a busy summer season.
    Calum  Northern Dawn on the slip..Fair Morn...Mary Manson with white fenders on her stem...at her stern Arctic Star changing over to go to the ringnet..red boat Fragrance..Maggie McLeman...Scotia...across the jetty Arctic Moon the green stem you can see.. Ferry Clansman, on the seat Big Alan Donnie the Gov and wee Donnie the gov Nan Smith.

    stooriejim ba383
    Mar 11 2013 07:52 PM
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    Mar 13 2013 06:51 PM
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